Security v.s. Fulfillment: Why Dreams Get Put Off


Security is hard to walk away from…

But I’ve done it because it meant the possibilty of a better life. So why is that any different when it comes to careers?

I’ve fantasized about being fired. That would be easy. I’d have a reason to take time to make changes in my life that would put me on a path to a career that was truly fulfilling. But the idea of choosing to walk away from security seems reckless. My pragmatic mind just cannot justify doing something outside of the norm to direct me toward my true dreams of how I want to make a living.

Constant conflict… feeling guilty for hating the job I do have, yet feeling stupid for having spent this much time doing something that I am not passionate about and brings me no joy.

So, what does it take to feel comfortable with taking a risk on your true self? Does that sick “this is scary as hell” feeling ever go away? I don’t know the answer to that.

I do know that this is it for me. In the next year I will make a change for me. I will look into every avenue to determine what the best path with be for me to find fulfillment in what I do to pay the bills. Going back to school, freelance writing and art, and above all else I will make time for art and writing in every free minute that I have. Without, of course, sacrificing time for my family. That is the one thing that I am not willing to sacrifice.

Are you scared to take a chance on yourself? Here are some things to think about:

  • You don’t have to feel guilty for not liking your job. You deserve fulfillment.

  • What was your childhood passion? This is worth revisiting.

  • Is going back to school an option for you? If you don’t know, call your local University and talk to an academic advisor.

  • Can the skills that you have learned in your current job be applied to a company/department that is more in line with your interests?

Don’t give up, don’t let time pass you by any more than it already has. I’m not going to, this is my time!! It can be yours, too.

What will you do today to figure out what you want out of your life?





Freelance writer and artist

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